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  • Governance, Education and the Future of GIS
  • Business Intelligence

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avatar for Javier Acosta Hernandez, MSIS, GISP

Javier Acosta Hernandez, MSIS, GISP

Trackit, LLC
Puerto Rico
With Civil Engineering, Database Design and GIS education, plus 26yrs experience on GIS implementation projects and 10yrs as a GISP.
- Produced Location Analysis, support and progress reporting for Disaster recovery efforts for the telecommunication, power and other government and private sectors at Puerto Rico after Hurricane María.
- Designed and implementated Geo-referenced address database production techniques to cut tax evasion and increase credit margins for municipal governments.
- Taught on Geographically Enabled Database Design and Web Mapping at the Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico.
- Worked on EPA NPDES compliance and FEMA Multi-Hazard Preparedness Plan initiatives.
- Worked on the Local Update of Census Addresses and Participant Statistical Areas Program projects for the US Census Bureau.
- Performed municipal assets inventory and organization for municipal GASB34 compliance using GIS tools for data capture, analysis and reporting.
- Designed and Implemented a geo-referenced address point databases and their integration with multiple operations using Open Source GIS.
- Used GIS tools for the calculations of the Municipal Right-of-Way of the PR Telecommunication Ruling Board at several PR Municipalities.
- Provided GIS Consulting, Analysis and Database development for the Puerto Rico Water Resources Plan.
- Performed GIS related services such as consulting, Base and Zoning Maps and geodata maintenance for various Municipalities at PR.
- Participated on Project management and Implementation of photogrametric compilations and cadastral map conversions for the PR Cadastre.
- Participated on the Implementation of integrated permit, licensing and planning data with GIS tools on various Municipaities at Puerto Rico.
Has worked on several projects providing GIS consulting, GIS Analysis, Geomatics, Digital Mapping, GIS Database Design, Relational Database Design, Web Mapping, Data Integration, Planning and Map production, Data collection, planning, design and implementation.